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Holiday Gifts For Book Lovers 2019

It’s that time once again – ‘twas the week before Christmas, and all through the house, everyone was all like, “Crap, what last-minute gifts can I get on Amazon Prime?” Have no fear – our annual book review round up collects some of our favorite titles from 2019, as well as other standouts we’ve read this year.

Our lists focus on books that your recipient isn’t likely to already have, either because they’re obscure and lesser-known or because they just came out that recently. You can also check out our 2017 and 2018 book lists.

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Holiday Gifts For Book Lovers 2018

It’s that time of year again. As book lovers, we believe that a book is always the perfect present. Whoever you’re looking for, there’s something on this list for them. We aimed for more obscure or lesser-known titles, as well as our favorite new releases from 2018. If you pick a book from this list, the odds are pretty good they don’t already have it – either because it just came out so they haven’t gotten a chance, or because it’s not on their radar.

Did you, like us, forget that Hanukkah starts December 2 this year? Most of the books on our list are available online with one- to two-day shipping – so no matter what holiday you celebrate, there’s a perfect last-minute gift for you in here somewhere. (You can also check out our picks from last year.)

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Holiday Gifts For Book Lovers

You love books. They’re the perfect present, obviously. We’ve put together a selection to help you find the perfect gift for every person on your list this holiday season.

We aimed for a wide range, and to choose books a little bit off the beaten path. If you pick a book from this list, the odds are pretty good they don’t already have it – either because it just came out so they haven’t gotten a chance, or because it’s not on their radar.

Most of the books on our list are available on Amazon Prime – so no matter what holiday you celebrate, there’s a perfect last-minute gift for you in here somewhere.


Literary fiction:

New: Manhattan Beach, by Jennifer Egan (2017)

The Visit from the Goon Squad author is back with a gripping thriller about a woman who worked at the Brooklyn Navy Yard during World War II.


Middle-ish: A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki (2013)

As far as we’re concerned not enough people have read this book. This novel is narrated by two fully realized characters– a teenaged Japanese-American girl (Nao) keeping a diary while living in Tokyo, and a Japanese-American writer (Ruth) living on an island off the coast of British Columbia who finds that diary sometime after the 2011 tsunami that devastated Japan. This book goes to some dark places. 16-year-old Nao wants to commit suicide but not before she finishes writing about the life of her 100+-year-old old Buddhist nun grandmother. In doing so she captures much of her own story. Ruth, who finds the diary well after it was written, forms a connection with Nao even while her ultimate fate is unknown. The novel deals with everything from time, spirituality, physics, and placemaking. Fun fact: Ozeki became the first practicing Zen Buddhist priest to be shortlisted for the Man Booker with this book.

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An Ode to Matzoh

Matzoh makes some people FURIOUS, but it can be an enjoyable treat! It all depends on your Passover zen. Here is an ode to matzoh from us at The Furious Gazelle.a delicious bread

Ode to Matzoh

Matzoh! Matzoh! King of Bread!

Your time to shine is here again!

Come in, bless you, we’ll toast you (let’s!)

with a glass of Manishewitz.


Square, uneven bumpy rows.

Perhaps you are a little dry,

But really quite better

Spread with some butter.


Bagels may be nice to eat

But I enjoy a simpler fare.

Screw gefilte fish and lox!

Bring in matzoh, box by box.


What you may lack in levity

You make up in other ways.

I think your soul is brevity.

You harken back to ancient days,

Cooked and eaten speedily.


Some people eating matzoh dread –

The blandness makes them ill at ease.

But friend, they cannot see you through my eyes.

So many possibilities:


Egg matzoh, wheat matzoh,

Matzoh in balls!

Matzoh with chocolate!

Matzoh with jam!

Matzoh with anything

(Except for ham)!

New Contest! Valentine’s/President’s Day!

In honor of February we at The Furious Gazelle are having our first ever contest! Send us your Valentine’s Day and/or President’s Day themed fiction, poetry, art, etc. If you want to go crazy, we will consider submissions relating to any holiday occurring in February (Leap Day William, anyone?). Deadline for submissions is February 28.

First prize is a book of our choosing, mailed to you anywhere within the United States (sorry, rest of the world). We promise it will be exciting, eclectic, and an all around good read. The winning piece will also be published on

We can’t wait to see what you guys do! Send your submissions to with CONTEST somewhere in the subject line. We will take your fiction, essays, poetry, art, et cetera. Interpret the theme however loosely or literally you wish. We are hoping to get at least one story in which George Washington’s heart is torn out of his chest as part of his quest to find true love & found the United States.

Once again, submissions must be in before February 28. Winning entry will be published in March.

Pass the Latke stuffed Turkey! A Guide to Surviving Thanksgivukkah

With Thanksgivukkah almost upon us we at the Gazelle would like to offer explanation and guidance:

Usually, Thanksgivukkah is not a word. If that’s news to you, well that’s just silly and you should educate yourself. Read on and share in a learning experience. Typically, Hanukkah and Thanksgiving have little to do with each other. One means a day off from school, or work, or whatever, and a chance to stuff yourself with pie. The other means no day off, and a lot of goyim asking you about the real Meaning of Hanukkah (which Jon Stewart’s “Can I Interest You In Hanukkah?” pretty well sums up).

BUT: this Thanksgiving an amazing crossover event is set to occur. And here’s how you can deal with the mishegas:

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Holiday Submissions


Remember, last month, how it was October and we were taking Halloween submissions? Well now it’s November and we are taking holiday themed submissions through December! January will be bleak.

You can win the glory of the Internet by sending us your holiday writing and art. What makes you feel warm and fuzzy? What do you hate about the holidays? Love? Celebrate? Ignore?

Tell us and we might be less furious.

-The Editors

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