Matzoh makes some people FURIOUS, but it can be an enjoyable treat! It all depends on your Passover zen. Here is an ode to matzoh from us at The Furious Gazelle.a delicious bread

Ode to Matzoh

Matzoh! Matzoh! King of Bread!

Your time to shine is here again!

Come in, bless you, we’ll toast you (let’s!)

with a glass of Manishewitz.


Square, uneven bumpy rows.

Perhaps you are a little dry,

But really quite better

Spread with some butter.


Bagels may be nice to eat

But I enjoy a simpler fare.

Screw gefilte fish and lox!

Bring in matzoh, box by box.


What you may lack in levity

You make up in other ways.

I think your soul is brevity.

You harken back to ancient days,

Cooked and eaten speedily.


Some people eating matzoh dread –

The blandness makes them ill at ease.

But friend, they cannot see you through my eyes.

So many possibilities:


Egg matzoh, wheat matzoh,

Matzoh in balls!

Matzoh with chocolate!

Matzoh with jam!

Matzoh with anything

(Except for ham)!