In honor of February we at The Furious Gazelle are having our first ever contest! Send us your Valentine’s Day and/or President’s Day themed fiction, poetry, art, etc. If you want to go crazy, we will consider submissions relating to any holiday occurring in February (Leap Day William, anyone?). Deadline for submissions is February 28.

First prize is a book of our choosing, mailed to you anywhere within the United States (sorry, rest of the world). We promise it will be exciting, eclectic, and an all around good read. The winning piece will also be published on

We can’t wait to see what you guys do! Send your submissions to with CONTEST somewhere in the subject line. We will take your fiction, essays, poetry, art, et cetera. Interpret the theme however loosely or literally you wish. We are hoping to get at least one story in which George Washington’s heart is torn out of his chest as part of his quest to find true love & found the United States.

Once again, submissions must be in before February 28. Winning entry will be published in March.