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Below are some frequently asked questions. If you have a question that does not appear here, ask it!

Q: What format would you like submissions to come in?

A: We would prefer submissions in .doc or .docx files or .pdf, but we’re flexible as long as your formatting is clear and easy to read. If you have special formatting, please do not paste your story into the body of an e-mail.

Also, please note if you have special formatting as it sometimes does not display correctly. This way we can check with you if something looks incorrect. I.e. if your poem about whales is in the shape of a whale, tell us.

Preferred formatting: Times New Roman, double-spaced, with 12-point font and one-inch margins on all sides.

Q: Should I include my address?

A: Please, if you are going to send your work as a PDF, don’t include your address on it. We don’t want to put your address on the Internet.

Q: Are you going to pay me for my writing?

A: No, sorry. All we can offer right now is the glory of having your name & work be featured on But, every now and then we will run a contest for a small prize, in which case, you’re compensated.

Q: Do you have a print copy of the Gazelle?

A: Not at this moment. However, we are planning to print one in the future, and if your work goes up on our site we may put your work in our publication. We will notify you and ask permission to republish when and if this happens.

Q: How long should I expect to hear from you after I submit something?

A: We typically respond to submissions within two to four months. If you have any questions about the status of your submission, feel free to e-mail us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Q: Do you accept poetry/fiction/”X” genre/presidential slash fiction/etc.?

A: Sure! Send us anything you want and we’ll consider it. We’re currently taking art and writing, in any form, medium and genre.

Q: Will I retain copyright to my submission after it is posted on your website?

A: Yes. See disclaimer below for more fun legal info.

Q: Do you accept simultaneous submissions?

A: Yes but notify us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere so that we can refrain from publishing it if you no longer have the rights.

Q: My piece has been previously published. Will you accept it?

A: Yes, as long as you own the copyright. If it was on your personal blog or somewhere else that did not take the copyright, that is fine.


The Furious Gazelle reserves the right to update or change this disclaimer at any time without prior notification.

This page was last updated on April 12, 2014

Attention Readers and Contributors of The Furious Gazelle:

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*Submission to The Furious Gazelle will be counted as permission to publish your piece unless you specifically withdraw your work. Notify us immediately if you have sold the rights elsewhere.

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*The Furious Gazelle reserves the right to remove any writing, photography or art from this website at any time for any reason.

*You acknowledge that you are the author of the writing, or artist/photographer of any art/photography that you are submitting and that you (still) hold the copyright to (re)distribute this work.

*You acknowledge that the writing you are submitting for publication on The Furious Gazelle does not contain libelous references.

*The Editorial Staff reserves the right to make minor grammatical and punctuation corrections to submissions.

*You agree that you will retain the copyright to your work (art, writing, photography). All published work may be archived online.

*The Furious Gazelle may keep an online archive of the issue in which your writing, photography or art appears.


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  1. Evan Guilford-Blake

    I was all set to submit until I read this:

    “The Furious Gazelle may re-publish your work in any medium that currently exists or may exist in the future.”

    Without my permission? And without payment? That, to all practical purposes, undermines my copyright, since no other publication will touch a piece unless I can assure them no other pub — e.g., The Furious Gazelle — has the right to publish it. It is unfair and abusive of writers.

    • The Furious Gazelle Editors

      Dear Evan,

      We have just removed that statement from our FAQ. The author retains their copyright on all works published on the Furious Gazelle, and it was not our intention to appear inconsistent on that, so we apologize for any confusion.

      Stay Furious,
      The Gazelle Editors

  2. Julia Spring

    I can’t seem to figure out how to actually submit something to Furious Gazelle—???

    Thanks. Julia Spring,

  3. Ellen

    Is there a Halloween poetry contest for 2015 and if so when is the deadline for submission?

  4. Jonathan

    Hi, was just wondering if applicants for submission get a rejection letter/email if they are not selected? I’m working on a collage 😉

    • The Furious Gazelle Editors

      Yes, but please allow us up to 3 to 6 months for a response. If you haven’t heard back from us by then, feel free to reach out to follow up.

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