Want some honest feedback and constructive criticism on your writing? If you feel like your work might be missing something, but you’re not sure what, we can help.


Having a second pair of eyes on your writing can help you spot connections that you missed, or clarify things that you didn’t realize were confusing.


We, the Furious Gazelle editors, are seasoned writers with plenty of writing workshop experience. We also know what other editors are looking for. We’d love to help you shape your story, essay or poetry and build a stronger revision.


For under 1,000 words

  • $5 for a page of detailed feedback on a flash fiction piece or a one-page poem


For between 1,000 to 5,000 words of prose (fiction or nonfiction), or up to 20 pages of script (play or screenplay), we have three options:

  • $15 for a page of detailed feedback
  • $25 for a page of detailed feedback from each of our two editors, Tess Tabak and E. Kirshe. Taste is subjective; different people pick up on different things. This option allows you to get two sets of voices to consider.
  • $50 for a page of detailed feedback, line edits (including a thorough proofread), and a consultation with a chance to ask questions after you’ve had a chance to review the feedback.

For over 5,000 words of prose or customized needs contact us for personalized pricing.


If you have a piece of writing you’d like us to critique, please email us at submit@thefuriousgazelle.com with “CRITIQUE + your work’s title” in the subject line.