The fall, drop, break
of peach white froth
sparkling translucent curtain
screening out sun
14 stories, three seconds
from bed to bed
from yesterday
deep into an unlabelled narrow chasm of the past
hypnotizes five visiting on-, through-, and over-
who, passing under the fall’s lip
behind the water
put out hands to touch
fondly recalling personal crises

Two taboo white birds skim the surface
Floating back upstream


Alan Cohen was already a poet before becoming a Primary Care MD, teacher, and manager, and has been living a full and varied life.  He has been writing poems for 60 years and is beginning now to share some of his discoveries.  He has had poems published in:  Our Twentieth Century’s Greatest PoemsThe Beast in a Cage of Words, “The New England Journal of Medicine,” “Adelaide Literary Magazine,” “Praxis Magazine,” “Rat’s Ass Review,” “Poetica Review,” and many, many, more.  He’s been married to Anita for 40 years, in Eugene, OR these past 11.