I am well worn, thumbed through, creased at the edges
Always stuck on the same page, always mid-sentence
I can neither avert my eyes, turn thoughts, nor paper
For it is my life’ s work, knowing something of what’s gone before
But no clarity as to what comes next
I live in the now of uncertainty
No future, beyond skittish dreams
My imprint is not a doer, but a fence sitter
Who cannot jump till all the jumbled pieces are boxed
But life is liquid, ebbing and flowing
Formless, seamless, perhaps meaningless
Favouring the page turners who run blindly to the next staging post
Whilst visionaries awaiting the grand vision
Are left wanting – wanting to know
Does God give us patterns?
Glimpses of the eternal to send us on our merry way
Or are we just sleepwalking into nothingness?
Weighty questions, light on answers I fear
For the doomed among us, the poor dogeared


Mark Niedzwiedz is a platinum and gold disc awarded songwriter, formerly signed to MCA and Universal music. Mark demonstrates a great passion for writing original jazz songs, like the standards from yesteryear; tracks that Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, and Ella Fitzgerald might have recorded. Having written and co-written songs for artists such as Ennio Morricone, Mark Kingswood, Katherine Jenkins, Matt Dusk and Leann Rimes, It’s clear Mark was born to make timeless music.

Most recently, Mark collaborated with the wonderfully talented British crooner, Mark Kingswood, producing three albums worth of music. Many songs from these collaborated albums have featured on Europe’s biggest radio station, BBC Radio 2, including Radio 2’s prestigious ‘album of the week’ and a live performance on the Ken Bruce show to over 15 million listeners. In his spare time, Mark also writes jazz instrumental tracks for the well-known New York based library company, Shutterstock music, as well as writing poetry for a number of established publishing houses around the globe.