Pursuing Chaos

ink from my pen

flows through my veins

just beneath the skin


snaking its way

towards the source

of its maddening chaos


it stains the bones

of my rib cage

seeping into the marrow


it searches

ever yearning


through the crowd, eyes lock,

stone faces and straight lined lips,

resentful glares and covetousness,

clenched fists draw blood


slithering serpents with forked

tongues, sheltered heinous crimes of

antagonization, defamation, persecution,

pushing the limits


irrelevant, insignificant, another shadow

on the concrete, inferior, building

an unknown forthcoming fixation,

their delusions spilled in ink


A Quiet Thought

Your silent reveries are

just that..



You hope and wonder,

picking up your pencil to

create a masterpiece of life,

but it is ripped from your grasp.


Your lips are tightly

sealed shut..



One day you will tear

that seal apart, climb to

the peak of your mountain

and stand proud.


Your hopes and dreams

no longer..



Brittany Zedalis is a 25-year-old mother of one. She has a variety of published poetry, some of which can be found in Dead Snakes, The Camel Saloon, Mad Swirl, Leaves of Ink, and Haiku Journal. More of her poetry and writings can be found at https://brittanyzedalispoetry.wordpress.com/