Affairs Of Snow

The snow lies

in tarnished piles

of moonlight

pushed aside from

sidewalk and step


you prepared this exit

light drowning from your window

leaving me to wander

the poor brick

of the neighbourhood


for all this uprooted winter

had I not been captive

to mysterious seductions

I might still walk lightly

on pure snow.

A Colour


There is a colour drawn

out of the arctic

and in to the ocean

gathered with violence

dispersed with peace

where the sea and sky

and I get mixed

exchanging aspect and memory

contrast and hope

life and death.




In the winter trees

wind alters all the senses

just as dusk reaches

into the sorrows


the familiar calls are faint

but sure enough to leave tracks

in the harmony

of snow and footfall


so held in stillness

speechless at the night

could I abide in the

shifting centre of loneliness.


Dean Baltesson is a poet and musician living in Victoria BC Canada. He is currently working on a volume of poetry entitled There Must be Words To Describe This. His poetry and can be found in a number of online and print literary journals or on his recent CD “Covering Ground”