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“Bee, Telephone, Flower” by Rebecca Lawhorne

Check out a new essay titled “Bee, Telephone, Flower” by Rebecca Lawhorne, below.

Rebecca Lawhorne was born on a Christian commune in rural Alaska, but was migrated to an island in Florida. After years of feeling like she was missing out on an essential part of the human experience, brutal weather and wild animals, she moved herself back north. She now shares her life with two farm-raised women and their dogs, practices subsistent living and attends the Univeristy of Alaska, Fairbanks, studying under poets Derick Burleson and Sean Hill. You can pick her brain at and tune into her radio show “Hipstery” on KSUAradio.

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  1. Connie Quella

    This is an amazing essay! The author has such a beautifully complicated relationship with her mother – like most of us – but she writes of it so well. More of this please!

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