Listen up, Gazelles! Halloween is right around the corner and we want you — that’s right, YOU — to send us your October-themed fiction, essays, poetry, and art.

What scares you? What makes you tick?

For me as a young gazelle living on the African savanna, the scariest thing was when Momma warned us that there wouldn’t be enough grass for winter, or when the leopards came loping through our herd and ate my brother Timmy. Those were difficult times, my friend. But you know what got me through? Writing.

Give us what you got. Anything remotely autumn-themed. Tell us about your pumpkin spice lattes or the time your Uncle Fred sprained his wrist putting up your Halloween decorations. We bet that caused some nightmares, huh?

Send us anything, preferably between 200 and 4,000 words, to as an attachment. Do it or we’ll break your legs.

By the way, we are very angry — FURIOUS — but your writing does not have to be. We’ll consider posting any genre or style, as long as it’s good.

-the furious gazelle