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Send Us Your Scary Reads for Halloween


Listen up, Gazelles! Halloween is right around the corner and we want you — that’s right, YOU — to send us your October-themed fiction, essays, poetry, and art.

What scares you? What makes you tick?

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Fattina by Catherine Weingarten

© Catherine Weingarten 2010

(We are in an office building. It is midday. Fattina is seated. She is a glamorous thirty-something curvaceous woman.)

FATTINA (eating donuts)

Ok George, this is going to be ok. This is all going to be just fine. You’re going to tell me you were lying and take it all back. I forgive you George I do. I forgive you with all my heart. I know you were just being mean and trying to make me cry, which I know you love, but I’m going to ask you to stop. Please stop George. Let’s go to your bedroom and have some herbal tea. It’s supposed to be soothing. And I got a lot of sugar packets. It’ll be fun. We can gossip and drink tea and eat cake. And then maybe I’ll file your taxes…I’m sure I could pick that up. Or make you a soufflé… that sounds nice. And I can wear my prettiest dress, the one with the pink butterflies around the chest. Come on George, please. Please take it all back and everything will be wonderful and you will feel so happy you’ll add at least three and a half years to your life.

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The Furious Gazelle is now open to submissions.

Hey coffee shop dwellers, listen up!

We know you are all very excited to be a part of this new literary venture. The Internet is our sea, and WordPress is the rocky ship which will guide us safely to shore.

Please submit your short stories, micro fiction, flash fiction, poetry, short plays, monologues, novel excerpts, and art to The Furious Gazelle.

We accept writing that is good, well-written, and punchy. We accept art that is artistic.

E-mail your story as a .doc or .pdf attachment or pasted into the body of an e-mail to

Side note: we reserve the right to change any of these rules at any time or make exceptions when we choose, because this is our damn magazine.

Stay furious.

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