What have I eaten?

(Inspired by Sylvia Plath)



In response to my mother’s nagging question,
“What have you eaten today, Annie?”


What have I eaten?
Lies and smirks.
My diet calls for uncertainty,
I’ve got a hunger for what hurts.

  Breadcrumbs of grumbles,
And bits of anxieties unsung,
Tastes that sit familiar on my tongue.

           (I think I am made of dust and thirsty for your rain.)


All I have eaten for 13 months
Are leftover scraps of stale hope
And heaping portions of quiet patience.
My big eyes for love left unfulfilled,
My stomach full of deprivation.




Annie is a writer/poet named after her mother’s favorite book, Anne of Green Gables (so it’s spelled Anne-with-an-E!). She’s obsessed with poetry, stargazing, antiques, & animals, and she’s always on the lookout for unusual and/or beautiful words to record in her notebook, which she never leaves the house without. For more of Annie’s poetry and writing, follow her on Twitter (@Beannie129) or email her at aturn139@gmail.com.