Read No Animal by Bethany Lake, a short play.

Bethany Lake is a playwright, director and Artistic Director/Founder of Demasquer Theatre in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In 2007, she co-wrote an adaptation of an original short story entitled A Spider’s Tale for Dalhousie University’s 2007-2008 season. Her 2013 play, A Healthy War, was a hit with both audiences and critics alike. A Healthy War both “nailed the inexorable tug of youthful passion” and“had the audience flinching and turning away” – The Coast.  “Filled with powerful performances and fuelled by an engrossing story, A Healthy War makes for riveting theatre” – The Coast. Bethany’s latest work includes The Prince of Pig Alley and No Animal. Bethany earned her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies from Dalhousie University, was a member of Eastern Front Theatre’s Playwright’s Unit, is a member of the Playwright’s Atlantic Resource Centre and the Playwrights Guild of Canada. In October of 2014, she will be continuing her playwriting development at the Tarragon Theatre. Bethany has her hand in several upcoming projects, including a second installment in the trilogy she began with A Healthy War.