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Halloween Contest 2016 Announcement

Dear readers,

Although the leaves have not yet turned, the time has come once again for the Furious Gazelle’s annual Halloween contest. Send us something haunting, grotesque, pumpkin-themed, etc. and you could win a $50 cash prize and a book in the genre of your choosing. The top contenders will all be published on our site with the winner being announced on Halloween. Only one gets the coveted book and prize.

We accept all forms of writing for this contest, including essay, fiction, humor and poetry. Please follow our normal submission guidelines for entries, and look at our last year’s finalists for an idea of what we are looking for. The only rule is that this is a Halloween contest so your piece(s) should reflect that in whatever way you deem Halloween-ish.

That’s right, piece(s)! We will accept up to five submissions from each contestant. There is no fee to enter. Please send your submissions to with Halloween Contest Submission in the subject line of your email. The Deadline is Wednesday October 26, 2016 11:59pm EST.


-The Furious Gazelle Editors


  1. Satyajit

    Is your contest open to any international participant?
    Also is a 14 yr old allowed to participate?

    • The Furious Gazelle Editors


      Yes, we are open to international submissions as long as you have a PayPal account for payment. And there is no age restriction to enter. Thanks!

  2. Wishwell Clara

    Hello! I just saw an announcement about the Halloween Contest 2016 and I wanted to know if foreigners are allowed to participate in it. Is there a contest fee? Can I send the text through e-mail? What is your magazine’s e-mail? What’s the deadline?

    • The Furious Gazelle Editors

      Hi Clara,

      Yes, the contest is open to international entries as long as you have a PayPal account to receive payment if you win. Please follow our normal submission guidelines ( and the deadline is October 26, 2016.

  3. rushna

    I’m looking forward to it

  4. Adam

    Hello, the deadline is today – is there a specific time or will it be midnight?

    • The Furious Gazelle Editors

      The contest deadline is next month on October 26, 2016.

  5. duncan butler

    Hey there,
    Wondered if you would accept a children’s book submission around a witch? Its funny….and doesn’t mention Nutella? Its not published yet so fresh out of the jotter. Its verse and given the Witch involvement hopefully fits the bill.
    What happens to the winning entry?

    Look forward to hearing back from you
    Duncan (Author and witch lover – just don’t tell the wife)

    • The Furious Gazelle Editors

      We are open to reviewing a children’s book submission for our contest. The winning entry will be posted on our site, and the author will receive $50 and a book in the genre of their choosing.

  6. Brittany

    Hello! I really want to participate in your competition, but I don’t have a paypal account as I’m under 18. If I do win – not saying I will aha – would be okay for me to use a parent’s paypal account? Thank you in advance.

    • The Furious Gazelle Editors

      There is no age limit to submit. And yes, if you enter and win the contest we can send the payment to your parents. We look forward to reading your submission.

  7. hazel girolamo

    I have a story that has been published on a website and is still up, can I submit this?

    • The Furious Gazelle Editors

      Yes, just please include a note in the submission of where the piece was previously published and confirm that you retain the rights to the story.

  8. Lisa Finch

    Very excited about the contest. When will the winners be announced? Thanks!

    • The Furious Gazelle Editors

      Winners will be notified soon after the contest deadline, which is October 26.

  9. chilledchaos

    If I have completed my story, let’s say tomorrow, can I submit it to your mail?

    • The Furious Gazelle Editors

      Yes, you can submit anytime before the deadline of Oct. 26th.

  10. Amelia

    If we have multiple submissions, can we send them all in one email?

    • The Furious Gazelle Editors

      Yes, that is fine.

  11. Shanna

    Will different entries by the same person be judged separately or as one?

    • The Furious Gazelle Editors

      All entries will be judged separately.

  12. Oge

    Hi, good evening. Please should I
    send the story as an attachment or
    I should paste it in the body of the
    mail? Thanks.

    • The Furious Gazelle Editors

      Please see our FAQ.

      We would prefer submissions in .doc or .docx files or .pdf, but we’re flexible as long as your formatting is clear and easy to read. If you have special formatting, please do not paste your story into the body of an e-mail.

      Also, please note if you have special formatting as it sometimes does not display correctly. This way we can check with you if something looks incorrect. I.e. if your poem about whales is in the shape of a whale, tell us.

      Preferred formatting: Times New Roman, double-spaced, with 12-point font and one-inch margins on all sides.

  13. Olunibe Morgan

    Does it have to be a scary, spooky Halloween story, or just one that is got something to do with anything Halloween-Themed?

    • The Furious Gazelle Editors

      Submissions need not be scary or spooky as long as they tie into Halloween in some way. We love humor submissions as well. Use your judgement, and feel free to read winning entries from previous years for an idea of what we are looking for.

  14. Wishwell Clara

    Can the essay be something about Halloween? Like a documentary?

    • The Furious Gazelle Editors


      • Wishwell Clara

        I understand. Do I have to send five texts? Can it just be one?

        • The Furious Gazelle Editors

          You can submit one to five pieces.

  15. Yvonne Wedgwood

    I have been trying to submit to your 2016 Halloween Poetry Contest but can find nowhere on your site to find a submission form. I have clicked on everything in red and also used the search button but I can find no form available. Do I have to join up to become a member in order to submit if so, how do I do this.

    Mad as Hell!!!!!

  16. Wishwell Clara


    I’ve sent the essay for the contest.

    • The Furious Gazelle Editors

      Thanks! We look forward to reading it.

  17. SpeedyCuervo

    The deadline for submission is tomorrow October 26, 2016 for your Halloween Contest, correct? That means that you will be accepting submissions up to midnight tomorrow night, correct?

    • The Furious Gazelle Editors

      Yes, we will accept submissions until end of day today (October 26).

      • jaybird

        I have a problem, the deadline was the 26 today’s the 28 and I still don’t know who won. why?

        • The Furious Gazelle Editors

          We are currently posting finalists. The winner will be announced on Halloween.

          • Mike Whit

            Are finalists being made aware before their story is posted?

          • The Furious Gazelle Editors


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