This poem is one of the finalists of the Furious Gazelle’s Halloween contest. The contest’s winner will be announced Friday.


By Twiggy Munford

Pumpkin Ice Cream

This is crazy – I mean

buying pumpkin ice cream

and having it drip from the cone

onto my fingers, sticky,

licking as fast as I can

before the big melt down.

Glass slipper beware!

Orange pints on shelf scream

this new flavor of the month.

Never heard of pumpkin ice cream.

Is this your idea Peter Peter?

Pumpkins are meant for knife attacks –

holey faces carved, seeds chunked,

guts stewed for witches’ brew,

pie-in-the-face pumpkin. Splat!

Candle inside lights hollows –

smile frown, square teeth chunks, triangle eyes.

Go feed witches and war mongers

pumpkin ice cream.

Have it drip on weapons and brooms.

Have them turn into rusty relics.

Will make pumpkin face smile.

Is this crazy?