By The Furious Gazelle editors


Life can be annoying. Infuriating, even. There’s a reason we call ourselves The Furious Gazelle. We have dedicated a brand new column, called Things That Make Us Furious, to highlighting the annoyance, pitfalls, and humor of existence.

Whether it’s things happening in the real world, in the more annoying professional world, or the equally difficult to navigate writing world there are daily aggravations.

We are starting a new column on called Things That Make Us Furious, and we want you to contribute.

You may have already seen from Tess Tabak how surviving NYC publishing can make one furious. This is one example of what we are looking for, but don’t feel limited in topic, style or format.

Submissions should be under 800 words, funny, and filled with fury. However, we’re not looking for rants — let your rage fuel your ideas, not consume them.

If you’d like to submit, or run an idea by us, e-mail us at We may offer suggestions or feedback.