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Dining Alone on Valentine’s Day by Susan Emshwiller

This short story by Susan Emshwiller is the third finalist in our Valentine’s/President’s Day contest.

Susan Emshwiller wears several hats, sometimes many at the same time, a column of them teetering on her head. Filmmaker, playwright, screenwriter, director, novelist, actress, set decorator, chicken wrangler, painter, poet… She has written and directed several plays including the critically acclaimed and award-winning BRUSHSTROKES. As an actress she was featured in Robert Altman’s The Player. She is co-writer of the Academy Award winning film Pollock. Her feature film In the Land of Milk and Money, a wild social satire, garnered awards and rave reviews at festivals in the US and internationally. She likes inventing stories and back yard contraptions.

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  1. Yeoman Nacelle Envy

    Great story!

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